Facing Foreclosure? We Pursue Every Strategy to Help You Keep Your Home.

Depleting home values (and the consequential upside-down mortgage dilemma), adjustable rate mortgage increases and financial problems tied to a life event such as injury or job loss are just some of the financial concerns that are causing homeowners to fall behind on mortgage payments. If you are facing home foreclosure, it is important to understand that you are not alone and you have options.

Contact us for quality legal counsel through foreclosure and mortgage modification concerns in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and throughout metropolitan New York City. Foreclosure defense lawyer Paul Groman will help you understand your rights and legal options when confronting mortgage foreclosure.

Avoid Foreclosure Through Loan Modification · Serving All of New York City

At our law office, we guide clients through all phases of the foreclosure process, including representation in mortgage modification negotiations with lenders. Using more than a decade of legal experience and a solid foundation of the law, we strive to help clients preserve their interests in foreclosure proceedings and, when possible, save their homes from foreclosure.

Banks and mortgage lenders rarely reduce the principal of the amount owed. Negotiating the terms of your mortgage can be effective in reducing interest rates, penalties and late fees — — ultimately, making the amount owed more manageable.

Quality, Professional Legal Representation in Brooklyn, New York

Our law office offers comprehensive services to clients facing home foreclosure. Whether defending your rights in court through foreclosure proceedings, pursuing a loan modification on your behalf or seeking other alternatives, such as bankruptcy, our law firm is equipped to provide the competent legal counsel that is necessary throughout the entire process.