New York City Real Estate Closings

Real estate transactions on the surface look simple. Get the mortgage, sign the deed, and you have a new home. Because of this viewpoint, many people try to save costs by handling real estate legal matters on their own. Unfortunately, they soon realize real estate closings and transactions involve complex issues, especially when dealing with title descriptions and other title matters. At the Paul B. Groman, Attorney at Law, we have been advising people in the New York City area with their real estate closing and transaction matters since 1998. Contact us to arrange for a confidential consultation.

New York Metro Real Estate Closing Lawyer

Attorney Paul Groman understands the New York real estate community. We represent clients from the beginning, taking them from the initial contract all the way through closing. Our office will review and explain the contract to clients and ensure their rights are protected. Here are some of the areas we help real estate clients with:

  • Review real estate contract for financing contingencies
  • Condominium purchase, package/application assistance, and condo closing
  • Co-op purchase, package/application assistance, and co-op closing
  • Title services
  • Assistance in clearing title and title transfer
  • Review and explanation of real estate contract
  • Representation at closing
  • Preparation of closing documents
  • Detailed post-closing statement
  • Transfer taxes
  • Lien reports

The ultimate decision is yours

Real estate transactions typically involve large sums of money. If you are considering purchasing or selling a piece of property, it is important to hire an attorney to make sure your legal and financial rights are protected. If you live in the New York City area and need guidance with a real estate closing or real estate transaction legal matter, contact the Paul B. Groman, Attorney at Law by phone at 718-852-1196. We will be glad to meet with you in person and advise you how we can help you with your legal concerns. Our office accepts all major credit cards.