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For many people, resolving issues in a divorce through mediation is a favorable option to divorce litigation. For others, they may be entering divorce with no possibility of coming to an agreement on anything — especially important matters like time spent with children or property rights. In instances where abuse and domestic violence exist, the fear and imbalance of power between the spouses can also make it impossible to achieve an agreement.

Paul B. Groman, Attorney at Law, provides aggressive advocacy for these clients through divorce litigation. Our office assists clients in understanding the divorce process, protects their rights and fights to achieve their goals. Contact us for a confidential consultation with an experienced Brooklyn contested divorce attorney.

New York Divorce Laws — Grounds for Divorce

Under New York divorce laws, couples petitioning for divorce have the option to petition for a no-fault divorce or they may elect to prove the grounds for the divorce. Ultimately, the reality of the change in New York divorce law is that couples are no longer forced to stay married simply because a specific ground for divorce cannot be proved.

No-fault divorce: Under New York’s no-fault divorce system, the couple petitioning for divorce must demonstrate there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for a minimum of six months. There need not be a specific separation period in order to obtain a no-fault divorce.

Fault divorce: If the couple is seeking divorce under the fault-based divorce laws, the grounds for divorce must be proved. The following are considered grounds for divorce in New York:

  • Adultery
  • Cruel and inhuman treatment (domestic violence)
  • Imprisonment for over three years
  • Abandonment for one year, either constructive (no sex) or locked out of home
  • Legal separation for one year

As an experienced New York City family law attorney, Paul Groman understands the laws for divorce in New York and how these laws apply to each client.

Thorough Trial Preparation ∙ Dedicated Advocacy ∙ NYC Divorce Litigation

Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests in contested divorce litigation. Our firm listens and provides clients with informative advice so that they can make important decisions, such as whether to pursue a no-fault divorce or fault divorce, and how such decisions could affect the outcome of their case. If a client elects the fault-based system — whether to gain advantage in property distribution allocations, spousal support awards, child custody determinations or any other reason — we carefully review the unique issues involved in order to determine which grounds for divorce apply. We work meticulously in preparing for trial and we have the experience and determination to provide exceptional representation in the courtroom.

When issues, such as child custody, property division, spousal support (alimony) and visitation are contested in divorce, we prepare a solid case to present in court. In spousal support and property disputes, we identify hidden assets, evaluate income and address complex property issues, such as business interests. Likewise, in child custody disputes, we carefully review records of history of abuse, domestic violence or other issues that may impact child custody or visitation.

A basic tact of our practice is that we do everything we can to present our client in the most favorable position in order to achieve an optimal result at trial.

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